Contributed to the building of development tools to aid the development and deployment of Angular based frontends to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.


  • Typescript
  • Angular
  • MS Dynamics 365


A multi-national contractor was responsible for council properties across the country.

They had heavily invested in MS Dynamics 365 to run their business, including maintenance tracking, engineer time tracking and invoice generation & tracking.

Employees had raised concerns over the number of custom fields being added to the system, resulting in large forms with many irrelevant fields.


Design and build custom screens, that would integrate seamlessly with the existing infrastructure.

The screens would be created to only show the required fields and add additional functionality, i.e. automatically updating invoice pricing.



The cleaner invoice creation screens allowed the organisation to reduce the number of errors while creating invoices.

On-boarding and training for roles using these screens would also be reduced due to the intuitive nature of the designs.


A Typescript based parser was created to map entities from Dynamics 365 to Typescript interfaces.

The creation of a tool to automatically upload all files created from the Angular project to Dynamics 365 was also delivered. At the time Dynamics 365 would only allow single files to be uploaded at a time.

Both of these tools were subsequently used on other Dynamics 365 integration projects, allowing the agency to take on other Dynamics 365 customisation projects